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When you order a little dropper bottle of kratom tincture from that special vendor you do business with, do you ever get the feeling you are being overcharged?  If so, your kratom vendor does not want you to read this page!

A lot of the markup on kratom tinctures and powdered kratom extracts is due to a lack of supply-side competition. Until recently, the knowledge of how to make a proper kratom tincture was held by only a select few people, allowing them to charge a hefty premium for their extracts.

“Why does a tiny bottle of kratom tincture cost more than my electric bill? I think somebody is over charging!”

After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on countless bottles of kratom tincture over the years, I wound up sharing a dropper with a crafty friend of mine that is majoring in chemistry. She became an instant fan and wanted to buy a bottle for herself. After I told her the price per ml of liquid, a lengthy discussion took place, and our vast project to provide a practical means of low cost production of high quality kratom tincture began.

Our goal seemed simple – she would conduct a high level lab analysis of premium commercial kratom tincture samples to identify the various kratom alkaloids present in the liquid and their concentration by volume, and we would then create a process to isolate the alkaloids in a ratio consistent with that of the samples. From there, we would work together to devise an easy & cost efficient way to extract our own kratom tincture at home.

We had no idea how much time it would take to get everything right. Nothing we found online was of much help; all the extract methods produced weak results and they were usually very time consuming. With high standards and great determination, we continued our research and conducted various experiments to isolate the correct alkaloids, eventually refining the extraction process into the simple guide that is available to you today.

We did all the hard work for you!

You can make a potent kratom tincture in your own kitchen today with our easy method. You will enjoy results that no other extraction guide can provide. Just a few months ago only a very small group of people knew how to extract the full spectrum of alkaloids from kratom leaf. As you can imagine, they guarded the process & made a lot of money from being the only source of the extremely in-demand extract.

Using only what exists in the average kitchen and less than $20 worth of supplies from the store, you can extract from crushed or powdered kratom a highly concentrated, full-spectrum tincture for convenient and enjoyable use, all while saving LOTS of money.

Don’t waste your time using conventional methods found on the internet which involve simple water or alcohol extraction techniques that fail to gather the most important alkaloids the plant has to offer. Not only does our e-book show you how to produce a tincture with the same balanced alkaloid profile that the best commercial kratom tinctures contain, but it lets you enjoy the tincture the very same day you start the extraction process! No waiting for days or weeks like the other methods require just to get an inferior result.

Included in your Kratom Tincture Guide e-book:

  • A complete step by step guide to produce a balanced, full spectrum kratom tincture in your home. Instructions are easy to follow, and allow you to enjoy your first tincture within hours of downloading the e-book.
  • Optional modifications to the process to develop a more stimulating or relaxing tincture to match your personal preference, with explanation of how it all works in plain English.
  • Interesting content – information about kratom that isn’t shared online and corrections to popular misconceptions.
  • Information on when to order Bali and Thai kratom to get the best leaf of the harvest each year.

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Customer Feedback From E-mail:

“This came along just in time.. I was getting soo sick of tea and raw leaf. Using a dropper instead of a giant coffee mug full of bitter liquid is just awesome. I also didn’t think I’d ever get ahold of an extract with as high of a concentration of 7-OHM since the vendors toned it down a while back. […] I also want to look into starting my own kratom business online and feature a signature tincture with lots of 7-OHM…” -Jeff F.

“.. and I had no problems making it because of your good instructions and attention to detail. Im glad I found this book!” -Sandra T.

“I want you to know this saved me a lot of money and I dont think it could have been written better. The wife will go easier on me about the money I spend on kratom treats.” – Matt H.

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