Buy Kratom Tincture

Updated: 5/16/2012

With the recent shortage of commercial kratom tincture from major vendors, a lot of kratom extract users are left looking for a new supplier to buy their extracts from.

We will update this section soon with information about vendors whom continue to sell quality kratom tinctures & extracts, but in the meantime we must suggest taking advantage of our DIY kratom tincture guide for a means of producing your own top-notch kratom tincture at home. There are many benefits to making your own kratom tincture instead of buying it, but the significant cost savings alone really make our extraction guide valuable.


Updated: 11/13/2009

It looks like  Cheap Kratom is back online! If you want to buy your kratom tincture already made or want a powder extract, then I suggest checking Cheap Kratom out. I found their site a long time ago by checking out what kratom products were available on ebay and sampled the tincture that the owner was selling directly from his site at the time, and I was very impressed with both the quality and the price per ml he offered.

Of course, you can always follow our guide to making your own tincture, and save a lot of money while enjoying your work!

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