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Updated 6/1/2012

Questions related to recent events within the kratom community:

Q: I’ve noticed that some kratom vendors have stopped selling kratom tincture, and others are out of stock. What is going on?

A: While we can’t speak for anyone but ourselves, we’ve shared what we have heard so far from others about the situation in a recent post about the commercial kratom tincture shortage. The effect one larger supplier can have on the stock of other kratom extract vendors highlights yet another benefit of being able to make your own kratom tincture at home; many of our customers have transitioned entirely from buying commercial kratom extracts to making their own full spectrum kratom tincture at home, saving large amounts of money and ensuring availability in the process.

Questions about the Kratom Tincture guide:

Note: If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please use the contact form and we’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Q: I read about an extraction method that required kratom to soak for a month! Does your method require any such time sink?

A: No, we don’t require you to waste any time. If you order the book now and already have kratom leaf on hand, you can have a tincture in a few hours including the trip to the grocery store for the few supplies you might need.

Q: Is it expensive to create this kratom tincture, or do I need special equipment?

A: No. A person with an average kitchen will need to spend less than $20 at a store to get the materials needed to process hundreds of grams of kratom into a highly potent, quality tincture.

Q: Do I need to be technically proficient? Is this difficult to do?

A: If you can make a sandwich you can follow our guide, it’s broken down into small and simple steps to leave no room for confusion or error. The process is actually very forgiving, so if you were to make mistakes it’s unlikely you would ruin anything, but perhaps it would not be as efficient.

Q: Why do other kratom extraction methods fail to work as well as yours? What makes your guide special?

A: We’ve seen quite a few different methods of extracting kratom published on the net, and there are a lot of issues that come up depending on the method. Often times a solvent is used that becomes saturated with the less desirable elements of the leaf, (tannins and oils, etc) resulting in a lot of the leaf being discarded with the “goodies” wasted. Another scenario is the method damages the kratom in the process of getting some alkaloids, resulting in an unbalanced, inefficient, and weak result. There are many alkaloids in the leaf that a balanced extract should contain in order for the best result. We spent the time and money finding our process and making it simple enough to be done at home with common materials.

Other Questions / Misc:

Q: I am a happy camper and want to help spread the word. How can I add a testimonial to your front page?

A: Thank you! Please submit your testimonial via the Contact page and it will be added after being reviewed by the administrator.

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