Kratom Tea – enhanced recipe for better results

Kratom tea can be correctly made several ways, but some common preparations floating around on the internet are wasteful, with the end result containing only as much mitragynine as will bind to plant oils and fats, and other alkaloids are lost due to heat and various inefficiencies.

We have on our front page an easier preperation for you to try if you are happy with the correctly made traditional tea strength, but the purpose of this guide is to give you a way to make an enhanced kratom tea if you desire stronger results. It isn’t difficult, but it does require more preparation time because you will need to let a dish sit overnight in your fridge at one point.


  • finely crushed kratom leaves – 3 teaspoons per cup of desired tea
  • pot to boil in
  • baking dish
  • pure lime juice (best to purchase cheap from an ethnic foods market)
  • sugar
  • honey (optional)

Add the previously measured kratom to your baking dish along with 1.5 teaspoons of lime juice per 3 teaspoons of kratom to blend and form a paste. Your teaspoon measurement is going to be different than mine most likely, and kratom varies in how fine the grind is, so if you need to add more lime juice to make a paste that is ok. The kratom and lime juice won’t mix perfectly, but stir well and do your best to spread the paste in a a thin layer across the bottom of the baking dish.

Loosely cover the dish with a towel and allow it to soak on the counter for an hour. After the hour is up, stir the paste and respread in a thin layer. If you need to add more lime juice due to dry clumps, it is fine to add another small amount. Just keep in mind that if you put too much lime juice in, the result will be not as drinkable and may upset your stomach. You can add a small amount of water instead of lime juice at this point if you aren’t a huge fan of the taste of lime. You won’t get a perfectly malleable mixture to spread, so just spread as thin as you can without spending a lot of time on it. Stick the dish in your fridge overnight.

After the dish has had time to sit, it is time to do the final preparation.

For every cup of tea you intend to make, put ~10 ounces of water into a pot. Bring the pot to a soft boil and add the kratom paste. Stir well until the paste has blended into the water so it doesn’t stick too much on the bottom or sides, and decrease heat and allow the pot to simmer for 10 minutes.

Next, turn off the heat, switch the pot to a cool burner, stir, and allow the pot to sit at least 15 minutes, longer if has not cooled sufficiently to drink.

Kratom tea serving suggestions:

One cup of tea with two to four packets of sugar to taste. If you like honey, use less sugar and add honey as needed. With kratom tea it is really a matter of finding the right amount and type of sweetener for your taste. The powder is left in the tea to prevent wastage, so stir often while drinking. If the grit bothers you, try using a thick straw.

Kratom tea tips:

Don’t let the tea get hotter than a soft boil for best results. Avoid boiling for longer than described. This method is time consuming, but very effective. If you want to make a quicker tea or different type, check out either the Simple Method or the One Shot Method. You can also order the Kratom Tincture Guide and make a tincture that is active at a few drops. It is absolutely fine to freeze this tea if you want to use some now and more later, otherwise it will stay good in the fridge for at least 3 days. I’ve also had great success freezing the kratom paste between sheets of foil and later pulling out chunks as needed and adding hot water for a fast cup of strong tea.